The Snickering Red Tux Zebra

Are you an avid coffee snob? Do you like to create coffee drinks to see how wired and amped you can get?

Here is one of my expensive pleasures when I find myself in a Starbucks. (Get a gold card)

You tell the cashier this…

“I would like a hot quad grande, 2 pump mocha, 4 pump Raspberry, 4 pump toffee nut, whole milk, caramel drizzle, 2 pump white chocolate mocha.”

I used to work at Starbucks as a supervisor up north, so that is how they should say it in “Starbucks speak”.

The recipe is as follows (the order in which they should prepare it),

2 pumps white chocolate mocha sauce
2 pumps mocha sauce
4 long neck pumps of Raspberry Syrup
4 long neck pumps of Toffee Nut Syrup
4 regular shots of espresso
Regular temped whole milk with no foam
The top of the cup capped with whipping cream
Caramel sauce drizzled over the whipping cream

Sugar and caffeine overload-a-go-go. Please drink ‘responsively’. Know what this will do to your body. Don’t chug. And yes, be responsible too.

The Obnoxious Snickering Red Tux Zebra has all the ingredients above in a Venti cup with 2 shots of single malt scotch added in over the whipped cream.

Spanish Coffee

(This is my drink of choice)

Sugar (for rimming)
1 oz. Brandy
3/4 oz. Kahlua
1/4 oz. Tia Maria
1/4 oz. Bacardi 151 Proof Rum
Whipping Cream (Preferably heavy)
Coffee (don’t skimp on the coffee, make sure it is a GOOD coffee)

First, blend whipping cream (preferably immeadietly before making the drink) until slightly thickened

Rim a snifter with sugar. Add 151 to glass and lay on its side. Light 151 and rotate glass until sugar is caramelized all the way around.

Then stand glass up and add brandy, Kahlua, and Tia Maria (can be done while still flaming).

Add coffee leaving about an inch and a half to the top. Pour blended whipping cream slowly on top allowing it to float. Top with a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. The cinnamon will spark if the flame is still burning.