Hello fellow food eater. I am Friday. This small crevice is a culmination of all the food recipes I have made. Incase you were wondering what “victus culina” means. In Latin it loosely means, ‘Way of the Kitchen’ and literally by word definition means, ‘Food Kitchen’.

Every now and then I will mention some tricks and prep tips you can use for multiple dishes and meals.

Everything else that I put up here is just me waxing rhapsodic about whatever. (Update: I have since taken a hiatus from posting on this blog since I have acquired 3 jobs and do not have much time at all to cook for myself. However, if I get a raise and quit one job, the posts will continue again. MY OBSESSIONS


I am just a regular guy, so my interests can be a bit… adolescent. Follow me on any of the links below and you will get the idea.

My online presence is as follows:

I have lived primarily in the western states of the U.S. of A. California, Utah, Oregon and now Nevada. However I have been over seas and experienced what the real world is like, not the posh-fat world I currently live in Las Vegas. I grew up in the suburbs and always wanted to be in the ghetto. Not the low-income/high-crime type of ghetto. I’m talking about the rich culture, old country getto. Where you can walk down the street and hear next to 6 different languages being spoken. See homes and buildings that were hundreds of years old and smell food from countries all over the world.

I learned how to cook from a variety of very talented and extremely skilled cooks and chefs. My top 3 favorites were taught from ‘the old country’, and the rest were of course, modern.

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  1. Thanks so much for stopping by Mrs. City Boy and liking my casserole post! Sounds like you practically have cooking in your blood, and some very excellent teachers!

  2. Hi Friday,
    thank you so much for visiting my page. I really appreciate it. You have a beautiful site here. Kind regards. =)

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