Sunday Brunch

Puff-Deli Ham+Cheese

Lite garlic-buttered spiced croissant wrapped around 2 honey baked deli slices sandwiched around a thin layer of gorgonzola and mozzarella (carefully rolled) and very lightly seasoned with pepper and tootpick strips of fried bacon (1/4 of a small strip). The closed roll is then very lightly sprayed with rosemary oil, then very lightly dusted with rose pettal salt.

The croissant is a French puff pastry dough ‘home made’. Make sure it is ‘flat wrapped’ around the meat roll. Press the base on top of the meat roll when wrapping it to make the dough layer ‘on the bottom’ thinner than the top.

Preheat the oven with the cookie sheet already foiled and prepped.

Bake and keep an eye on the rise and color.

When done, let it rest a few minutes then put it in your mouth. Wash down each bite with a champagne and orange juice mix. Its called a Mamosa right?


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